Advanced Planning & Scheduling
for Metals Industry

LOGIS Planner is an advanced production planning and scheduling solution allowing to increase the level of operational efficiency and customer delivery performance.

LOGIS Planner has been designed for what we call Demanding Planning Environments, which are distinguished by extensive scope of planned production, high uniqueness, high volatility and so forth. The need to consider all the metals-specific constraints in planning, to effectively plan production in a team or to extensively customize the planning system to be a perfect fit for the company – all that is related to production planning in the Metals industry. LOGIS Planner is equipped with revolutionary technologies able to satisfy all these challenges. ⇢ Learn more

Specific implementations of the LOGIS Planner suite naturally differ from one another, just as no two steel plants exist that are identical. In practice, the solution is tailored by combining individual modules of the LOGIS Planner suite which best satisfy the needs of the given enterprise.

LOGIS Planner includes a set of powerful planning and scheduling tools, designed specifically for the Metals industry, allowing for efficient operation of processes like capacity planning, material allocation, caster scheduling, mill scheduling and so forth.

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